05 - 15 - 2020 // NE

Cowboy Trail! Took a few days off work this week to ride 200 miles from Valentine to Norfolk via the Cowboy Trail. It was a cool trip. Saw a bunch of sights in small towns that I have driven past or through 100 times in a car and never noticed. We tried to take at least a ‘mainer’ in every small town/village we went through. We saw lots of wildlife, met some nice folks, got iced once, we had one really nice day of sunshine, one day of rain and cold, headwinds, cross winds and even a little bit of a tail wind yesterday. Thighs were burning and butt was sore but we pressed on and finished this morning. We rode 86 miles both the first day and the second day and finished the last stretch of 27 miles or so this morning. Now we are heading back west for some fishing for the rest of the weekend and to get my truck.